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Spring Hill Christian Academy is not staffed to handle students with severe learning disabilities or those who have trouble behaviorally. For your child's best interest, please be candid when you answer the following questions. (If more than one child is applying, please consider each one when answering.) Further elaboration on your answers may take place during an interview.

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Copies of documents can also be emailed to [email protected]

What Happens Next

You'll be redirected to a page to pay the application fee online after submitting this form.  The application fee is $150 per student applying.

After the school receives the completed application and other required materials, we will contact you to arrange an interview and a visit to the school. If it is determined that an entrance exam may be helpful, the school will arrange that with you as well.

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I certify that this application is correct. I have read and agree with the SHC Statement of Faith, and accept that the $150 application fee per student is non-refundable.

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