Covid-19 Information

NOTE: All students will need a signed COVID-19 waiver on file prior to attending classes in person. The Waiver can be found HERE.

Reopening of Spring Hill Christian Academy

We are happy to announce that our plan is to return to our building for the upcoming academic year. This season has been challenging for all of us and our nation.

As we move into this next year, our mission of godly training and strong academics is foremost in our planning, yet we must also be responsible with the health risks we face.

We will return to in person learning in the classroom. Relationships are central to the educational process, and we know children learn best when they are able to interact face to face with their teachers and peers.

We are not naïve, and we recognize that Covid -19 is here to stay. As the State begins to reopen we may see a rise in cases. We are committed to do all that we can to protect the more vulnerable in our community and do all we can to slow the transmission. We are moving forward with this understanding and are implementing some new protocols.

After much discussion and consultation we have developed the following reopening plans:

  • Students and staff will stay home when sick and running fever.

  • Parents are asked to take the temperature of their students and have them wash their hands before coming to school. We will also be taking temperatures with no contact thermometers as students arrive each morning.

  • If a student exhibits symptoms of an illness that we deem potentially contagious, there will be a station set up in the front office area to separate them until they can be picked up. They will be given a mask while waiting.

  • Masks for healthy students and staff will be allowed but will not be required. They are recommended if in close proximity for an extended period of time.

  • Anyone coming to campus to drop off items and not requiring interaction with staff will drop them off in the front office area and then exit the building.

  • During the school year, all other visitors should make an appointment and have their temperature checked before entering the building.

  • Students will be required to wash their hands with warm water and soap before each snack and lunch time.

  • Hand sanitizer will be set up throughout the building to allow for hand sanitizing on a regular basis.

  • If a student or staff has had close contact with a person with Covid-19, they will be asked to quarantine themselves at home for the recommended CDC guideline of 10 days, a negative Covid-19 test result or a Doctor's release, whichever comes first. Distance learning using google classroom and other methods will be made available for the student and teacher to continue responsibilities.

  • Since we want teachers to stay home if they feel sick, run a fever, or have been in close contact with the virus, We will need a more robust list of substitute teachers in the event teachers are absent. Please email me if you are interested in being placed on our substitute list at

  • We are implementing more aggressive cleaning procedures for the entire building, including regular disinfection of classroom desks and chairs after classes.

  • If we have a positive Covid case in our building we will determine those in close contact, and ask that they quarantine. We will also close the building for one day for a deep cleaning.

  • Students under quarantine will be able to continue academics remotely and return to the classroom once no illness is established for 10 days, a negative Covid-19 test is presented or a Doctor's release is presented, whichever comes first.

  • Whenever feasible or most helpful in stopping spread, we will strive to practice physical distancing.

We are starting this fall with confidence that God is in control. Further, we are striving to proceed with faith, not fear. Also, we realize that other steps may need to be taken to promote health and safety, and we will take new information into account as we proceed with the school year. We are monitoring various information sources and will continue to update our protocols as needed in this fluid situation.